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this has become one of my favorite sessions of this year. why? well, because I rarely get to photograph big families and much less families with older kids!

I don’t know why this is the case, but most parents are really into the family pictures when the children are small yet, they don’t realize how beautiful and important it is to continue documenting the family history as the kids get older. I know there are many factors that contribute to this, like the craziness of managing school schedules, extracurricular activities, vacations, let alone all the unexpected things in life.

so, I wanted to share this wonderful, very colorful session, where mom picked fantastic colors, the love was palpable and history was documented. Nancy, you have a gorgeous family!

I love this photo of their feet. It’s one of my new faves…you’ll be seeing it often in my materials…lol

when you see them you just feel the love! see what I mean? I call the one on the right the “happy” picture because I just love the joy and sweetness in her face (and his).

these are the oldest of the clan, both sweet and beautiful.

these two are the twins soon to be in middle school.

Yes, he’s the only boy! I come from a family of four siblings as well, also with only one brother…and oh boy…I feel for you Kev… : )~

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