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Goodness, time flies… • beach photographer miami

It’s so redundant to say how time flies, I mean we’re down to a little over a month before 2013! Yet, it’s so much more palpable for me as I watch all the babies I have photographed since they were born now turning 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…calling me by my name (which always melts my heart into a puddle), doing sports, Communions, dancing, losing teeth, getting braces….*sigh*. I’m so blessed and so grateful to get to do what I do. I’ve seen Melina and Kalia grow from the beginning and get so excited to see them every year and plan their shoot with their awesome Mom. This time around Kalia (the little one) was really friendly and calling me by name – yes I died from cuteness overload. :) Love this family so much and the beautiful slice of time we get to spend every year talking, laughing and taking a few pictures in between. Here’s a highlight of their shoot, great outfits right? Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

P.S. The oldest (Melina) is on the header of this blog – big cheeks, big curls, looking through the gate with umbrella in hand…

Just another fun day • Family photographer in Miami

When you have a family of six (with four kids) it’s quite a task to get everyone excited about doing family photos. So we decided to have it be like any other day of fun in the backyard…and what fun this was. Swings, trampoline, dancing, shooting the basketball and finally some family shots on the boat. Love the happiness in the swing shots. They were flying really high which brought back many childhood memories of doing the same. This first one is a favorite. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Constantine’s World • Miami children photographer

Typically, most shoots deal with Moms trying to get their kids into nice outfits and the kids whining about it. When I arrived for  Constantine’s shoot I noticed he was really put together – sporting a very stylish outfit with dinner jacket and all. To my surprise, Mom said that it was all his doing. She said that he dressed himself, that he loves wearing his jacket, and that he doesn’t feel like he’s well dressed unless he has a jacket on (won’t take it off no matter how hot it gets). I knew I was in for a treat! Once the session started it was clear that that was no joke. Constantine knew instinctively how to pose, stand, look at the camera and just be at ease in the spotlight. He showed me his black Spider-Man costume and insisted on doing photos with it, so we did. And I’m SO glad we did. LOVE the Spidey shots. By the end, he had pulled out a full-size Spider-Man costume for me to wear. He is the awesomest 4 year old ever! ;) Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Sugar & Spice • children photography miami

It was 2008 the first time I photographed this fun family. At the time, big sister Naomi had the family all to herself. We made a nice coffee-table book of that session through which little sister Sloan has flipped many times prompting her to ask where was her book. So, to even things out, here’s Sloan’s session – it’s going to be a beautiful book! This sweet and spicy ballerina experienced the full range of emotions in this shoot. My favorite is the one of her getting some consoling love from Daddy after she fell and scraped her knee. And of course, I love the family one too, just beautiful. Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa

Gemma the Gem! • Kids photographer Miami

This little gem of a girl is Gemma. She came on vacation with her family all the way from Texas. Mom had the brilliant idea of doing a photo session while here and I can’t tell you what a happy shoot this was. Looking through the images I kept smiling at my screen seeing all her different expressions, which reminded of me of something I couldn’t quite place. I kept thinking, “seriously she needs to be animated”, and, suddenly, I realized she reminded me of the title character in the animated film Ponyo from the master filmaker animator/director Hayao Miyasaki who also wrote/directed Spirited Away winner of the Academy Award for best animated movie in 2002. The last two images on this post are straight out of an animation, just priceless. Gemma was all spunk and talked up a storm, even though only about 5 words were recognizable. Here are a handful of my favorites. Enjoy! Vanessa