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Bianca’s First Communion • Communion portrait photos Miami

Generally speaking, Communion portraits tend to be really serious and somewhat gloomy if you ask me. A First Communion is a beautiful rite of passage that is truly a happy occasion in the Catholic community. As such, I prefer really natural, upbeat, genuine portraits with lots of sweetness and smiles. Bianca’s Mom felt the same way, so it was a perfect match. Lovely Bianca started out a little shy but warmed up nicely, giving me some beautiful expressions and images. LOVE that last one. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Tomas & Family • Family Children photographer Miami

You’ve seen Tomas and his whole family on the blog a few times…click here and here if you haven’t and are curious. Now, he’s is all grown up and ridiculously adorable! He was not in the mood for pictures, or pausing, or anything other than eating and playing – as expected. Needless to say, it was very stressful for Mommy who I’m sure will be really happy to see the outcome of this shoot. It’s her birthday this coming Monday…Happy Birthday!!! See you Monday…Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Joyful Giuliano • lifestyle kids photographer miami

I dare you to look at these photos and not smile! Giuliano is the smiliest little guy I’ve photographed in a long long time. And what a smile he has too, it’s contagious! You’ve seen this family a few times on the blog because we were doing Giuliano’s 1st year Chichi Baby Collection. This was his final session – the big birthday one and he made sure to make it memorable…he was NON STOP. He loved the water as you can see here. It was quite  a mission keeping him from getting in there as long as we did, so we just gave up. Hopefully there will be another little one soon…right Walky? ;) Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Nothing but love • Miami lifestyle children photographer

Yes, it was nothing but love for these kids. Really lovely watching how much they genuinely cared about and loved each other. My favorite is the last shot where Briana and Brody are looking into the window to see if there was a monster in there. In case you’re wondering, there wasn’t…just sayin’. LOL There will be a new little monter added to the family soon though as Mom is pregnant . We’ll hopefully be photographing baby soon! ;) Enjoy Shannon! ♥ Vanessa


Chilly Windy Beach • Children photographer miami

At long last, I’m posting this session of my good friend Crystal and her handsome boys. I was beyond happy that, after about 5 years of sessions, she finally decided to get in a few shots with her boys. They adore her and she them. It was a chilly, windy, lovely day for a stroll and some pictures. We stopped for ice cream and had dinner afterwards to wrap up a perfect afternoon. Love you guys!!! See you soon C… ♥ Vanessa