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What a character • Miami Baby Photographer

Logan was named after the Wolverine character in the X-Men movies…and what a character he is! He’s got adorable faces, amazing eyes and such a sweet disposition. Love photographing him and Mom both of whom you’ve seen here on the blog a few times. This was his 10 month session. Can’t wait to see him walking. See you soon Annette! ♥ Vanessa

Santa’s Little Helper • Christmas Photographer Miami

It’s hard to believe that the Holiday Season came and went once again in the blink of an eye. The decorations are coming down and we’re already preparing for Valentine’s Day – I’m sure every store will be decorated with hearts by this weekend. Before it’s all over I wanted to share a special session from an adorable Santa’s Little Helper that came to the studio with Grandma and Mom, who was so excited to get her baby’s first Christmas immortalized. He’s too scrumptious not share don’t you think? Hope your Holiday Season was joyful and restful, and wish you a most blessed and prosperous New Year. Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa

Their first • Miami family photographer

This was their first professional photo session. I’m so happy that Mom loved their photos and incredibly honored that they chose VLM Studios. From the get go Jaylen was non-stop as ALL almost-two-year-olds are at this stage. When we got to the beach he did not like the sand at all, but eventually warmed up to it and the water, and then it was all fun splashing and running up and down the shore. He’s got the most amazing sparkling eyes and a smile that will cause hearts to pitter-patter when he gets older…for now, he’s all Mom’s. Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa

Catch me if you can • Children photographer miami south florida

We had rescheduled countless times, but finally got a gorgeous day for Kalia’s 2nd birthday session a couple of weeks ago. The terrible 2’s were alive and well here. She did not sit still for longer than 10 seconds, IF that much. I was able to catch her in a few split seconds of stillness and those shots were gems. She’s so spunky, independent and adventurous…Love her! Well, I love this whole family as I’ve been photographing them now for a few years and it’s like hanging out with old friends. See you soon Tara! ♥ Vanessa

Baby Boy #4 • Newborn Baby Photographer Miami

Yes, it’s now FOUR boys! You’ve met Nancy and the boys here on the blog before…and now another sweet bundle of joy has arrived. Baby Nicolas was a surprise for both Mom and Dad, but a welcomed one nonetheless. Their three boys were rooting for another baby brother and they were thrilled to get their wish. They had decided not to find out the gender until the baby arrived, so once it was confirmed that it was another little brother, big brother Gabriel announced “we are now 5 Guys!”. So funny. I’ve been privileged to photograph every one of the boys, including their Baptisms, and I’m beyond honored to be there again for this amazing family. Nancy, your strength amazes me every time. See you soon. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa