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Cover of Tot Trends Weekly • miami kids photographer editorial

This image of 3 year old Samir at the beach is featured in this week’s Tot Trends Weekly magazine cover! This is a weekly online magazine that has very cool info about kids products, parenting and anything tot related. If you’re not already subscribed to this magazine you should be. I love editorial photography, so there will be more to come… : )

tot trends weekly magazine cover miami photographer

Sweet Fifteen • Quince Photos Miami

For Stefanie’s Quince photo shoot the weather and the day could not have been any better. Except for the mosquitos and noseeums (i don’t know how to spell it) everything went smooth as butter. Her outfits were great, her expressions were natural, and even better, Mom was awesome as well. I don’t need to say much, just take a look. Stefanie you did amazing!

This is my type of Quince photos! Love it! ♥

Quince sweet sixteen 15 16 photos miami photography studio

quince photos miami • vlm studios

S12 Senior Model – Mast Academy • Senior Photography Miami

Some of you already know that I have a line of high-school senior photography (S12 Photos) that’s über cool. I have been re-vamping the website ( by making it into a blog and adding some more info and features. Check out this sneak peak of Rebekah’s awesome S12 session. She’s the official female S12 model for Mast Academy High-School for which she gets two free sessions, business cards, and more cool stuff for promoting VLM Studios’ S12 sessions at her school.

To see the full post of her pictures, go to the website and let Rebekah know how awesome you think her pictures look by leaving a comment.

If you are or know a current High-School junior that’s outgoing, stylish, fun, and a people-person, contact me at the studio to talk about representing VLM Studios in your school. I’m currently looking for guys and girls to be S12 models in several high-schools.

S12 senior photography sessions miami pictures graduation portraits

senior photos graduation pictures miami • S12 Photos by VLM Studios

smiley mama • pregnancy photos miami

smiling, in my opinion, is one of the most positive things you can do to sprinkle some happiness in your life. in fact, smiling has such a positive vibration that it’s contagious…seriously, have you ever found yourself smiling just because you see someone smiling? well, that was the case with Tina; she just lights up and spreads the joy of smiling. I tried to get some non-smiling shots; you know, the longing, pensive looks to add a little drama to some images and she just couldn’t do it! she’s a smiler and we’re all the better for it. surely baby Skylar will be just as sweet and happy as mommy, big brother Tyler and daddy Billy.

miami pregnancy pictures

Tina is doing pregnancy yoga which you can tell is doing wonders because she even hopscotched at the beach! namaste…. : D

maternity photography miami

maternity photos miami

photographer maternity miami

miami winter style • baby photography miami

this session was done on one of the cold days we had last week and Mom got the cutest hats for these gorgeous twins Monica and Mario (he was the star of the caption contest). they’re so different and both so sweet. I love taking photos of twins because even as twins the differences in their personalities are so evident it’s amazing. hi Laura…look at your sweeties… : D

miami baby photography commercial

commercial baby photography