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caption contest • miami commercial photography

The winner is: “Oopsy…I did a poopsy” by Ivonne Avendano

Congratulations Ivonne! Enjoy your StarBUCK$… : D

Stay tuned for more caption contests…



Thank you all for participating. It was tough choosing the top 3, but these are the selections. You have until Midnight tomorrow to cast your votes. Keep an eye out on the blog for more caption contests…enjoy!

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it’s time for a Caption Contest!

write the funniest, wittiest and cutest caption and win big BUCKS! well, maybe not big bucks but close…StarBUCKS! $30 bucks of Starbucks!! that buys a lot of tall, grande, chico, tiny…you get the idea…

You can submit your entries until Sunday, February 8th by posting them on the comments area.
The best 3 captions will be posted on Monday for you to vote on and the winning caption will be announced on Wednesday. Enter as many times as you want.

The winner gets a $30 Starbucks gift card!

check out my entry below the photo… : D

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“funny…that smell follows me everywhere!”

don’t even think about it • miami photographer pets

that’s what I think little mighty Chata (such a cute name) was trying to tell me with her eyes because she seemed to know exactly what I was doing! Chata does not seem to mind that she has small ears and hence, feels as entitled to dress them up as the rest of us because she just L-O-V-E-S earrings… so if you get within striking distance (as I did many times during this session) she’ll go straight for your ears! maybe… she’s an alien like the little pug in Men in Black! mmmmhhhh….she seems to be more aware than most…just look at her eyes!

miami photographer dogs pets

kisha’s kids – see yourself. be yourself. | miami photographer commercial

rarely in our lives do we get to feel like we are part of something great and even rarer still is to meet people you feel a certain unexplainable kinship with, yet I had the great pleasure of feeling both when I met Kisha of kisha’s kids. from the moment she called me about photographing her products, and contagiously sharing her vision for her company, i felt like we had been brought together by forces not of this world.

what is kisha’s kids you may ask…well, I’ll tell you…it is an online boutique for African-American babies, children and their friends that carries contemporary and vintage-inspired kids’ accessories and toys. It’s core mission is that of beautifying children’s surroundings with images of kids who look like them while encouraging them to be the kids they were meant to be. This concept is multi-faceted also as Kisha plans to represent other minorities as well (including Hispanics and Native-Americans). Isn’t this an amazing idea!?!? I thought so too.

this entire project has been such fun! from planning the 2-day intensive shoot at Kisha’s house, to styling the products and rooms (with my sister Enith Lam – a fabulous interior designer), to watching everything come together on the website, to finally attending the official launch party last Friday; it’s been amazing!. you can see all the images and all the products and order anything you want at

Below are some samples of the commercial photography from this exciting project as well as the headshot of Kisha herself.

Visit the website: