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venue Magazine – Catimini • Editorial Commercial Photographer Miami

The July/August issue of Venue Magazine, a high-end lifestyle magazine for Latinos living in the United States, is featuring a 6-page editorial spread highlighting the children’s clothing line Catimini and featuring images I created specially for this project. By looking at these photos you might think these kids are professional models, but they aren’t! They are regular “civilians” like you and me, but they did fantastically well. The 2-hour beach shoot went smoothly even with strong winds. I love editorial and commercial photography, so I welcome more of these projects. Can’t wait to do it again.

editorial photographer commercial photography miami studio

editorial commercial photographer miami photography studio

editorial commercial photographer miami photography studio

A Rose is a Rose • Photographer fine art stock

I’ve been working on a website and branding design project that uses the rose as a symbol of love, beauty, humanity, and tenderness. So, there have been some late night rose photo shoots here in the studio, picking just the right rose with the perfect petals and leaves, and at the perfect bloom. This one was a particularly beautiful one…I loved how intricate, intimate, delicate and perfectly entwined her petals are. It was just as magical accepting her invitation to witness her beauty when she opened up in full bloom…absolutely divine. It may be that a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, as Gertrude Stein said, yet each one had its own sweetness and beauty.

Rose photography fine art miami photographer

Fotomission’s the waiting 2009 • miami portrait photographer

Fotomission’s The Waiting 2009 is under way. It is a yearly photography exhibition of children awaiting adoption. Most of these cases are of local children long forgotten in the foster care system who are still hoping to be adopted but whose age makes them the least likely candidates for most families. On its 6th year, The Waiting continues to strive to bring light to this issue and once again I’m honored to be a part of this very real issue in our South Florida community.

I photographed these brothers last Friday in the studio. I wanted very moody intimate portraits of them that would show their sweetness and a little bit of their personalities. Denzel (12) and Deion (14) were just like any other pair of brothers you could come across. They played and laughed, a lot, and followed directions perfectly. I could not have asked for more. I will be photographing two more kids in the next couple of weeks and will post those soon.

This is Denzel…

Denzel • The Waiting Miami portrait photographer

This is Deion…

Deion for The Waiting Miami portrait photographer

If you’re interested in finding out more information about this exhibition, please visit and for more information on adopting local children currently in our foster care system, please visit Kids Hope United.

Thank you all. I’ll keep you posted for the opening.

♥ Vanessa

Cover of Tot Trends Weekly • miami kids photographer editorial

This image of 3 year old Samir at the beach is featured in this week’s Tot Trends Weekly magazine cover! This is a weekly online magazine that has very cool info about kids products, parenting and anything tot related. If you’re not already subscribed to this magazine you should be. I love editorial photography, so there will be more to come… : )

tot trends weekly magazine cover miami photographer

summer lovin’ • summer fun portraits miami photography

This image was taken in one of the last cool days of “Spring” we had about three weeks ago. We started the session earlier than usual to make sure we didn’t get too close to bed time and in turn got grumpy children. So, this was at around 2 pm, which as you can tell, is very very bright but still so nice. Yesterday, well, that was another story. It was 91° at 2 pm and it’s just May!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I looooove sunlight, actually (much like Superman), I NEED sunlight. But, I don’t do too well in full sun for very long. Why? Well, two reasons. First, I do not tan, I burn. My skin quietly sizzles into a crisp and a tomato-red second-degree-burn look appears 5 hours later stinging like if you’re dragging sandpaper on my skin. But more importantly, reason number two….I do not perspire…I sweat. I wish I could be one of those fabulous women that can sit outside under a tree for hours and not have a bead of sweat on her face. Me…in ten minutes flat I’ll be drenched like the nervous pilot in the movie Airplane. Not very attractive.

So, as I was melting in the 91° heat yesterday while doing a newborn photo session outdoors (inside the house was too dark), I could not help but think of this image. The sheer joy of getting wet, with your clothes still on, on a hot summer day. The happiness on his face is the perfect expression of the unadulterated joy that comes from this awesome treat. Mom was sooooo cool….

summer fun portraits miami photography children

Stay tuned for this summer’s SUMMER LOVIN’ sessions which will be all about capturing the joy of summer….barbecues, pic-nics, playing with the hose in the yard, bathing the dog, playing in the pool, riding your bikes, roller-skating, you name it….anything that says “summer” to your family. Yes, I’ll be in the sun, drenched in sweat, but loving every minute of it.

Happy Summer!!!

♥ Vanessa