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Spring Quick Takes • spring park photos miami

last Saturday April 11th we had an amazing time at the Spring Quick Takes. they took place in perfect fashion once again! i had such fun photographing all the sweet little ones whose ages ranged from 6 months to 6 years old. we thankfully had gorgeous weather so the light was perfect. Here are some of the shots from that day, just adorable!

Spring Quick Takes photos easter miami location pictures

spring quick takes photos park ♥ vlm studios

on the move • lifestyle kids photography miami

that’s how Caleb decided to do his session…on the move. Mom and Dad so patiently and lovingly followed Caleb around making sure he didn’t get into too much trouble but there were too many interesting things catching his attention; after all, he thought, “I AM just 1”. Isn’t that plaid outfit just adorable?!?! Steven and Michelle, it was a true joy photographing your family…I’ll see you soon! ♥

family photography miami florida

this is hilarious…bet you can’t look at these and not laugh…

children kids photography miami

is this not the sweetest thing? I L.O.V.E. this one!

father son photographer miami florida

child family kid photography ♥ vlm studios

baby shower • photography miami events

this was absolutely the sweetest baby shower i’ve ever been to, literally, it was desserts galore. the ladies in attendance were just as sweet and fun. the event planning was fantastically done by Jennifer from JenniferJ Events who was on top of every detail. the venue was the very chic Maison d’Azur at the Astor hotel where Danya Hachey and her team put together a delicious menu, just the perfect size and vibe for the occasion. this is Mariane’s second baby and you can see big brother and protector Stefano flexing his big muscles. i’ll be photographing her maternity session this week, so you’ll see those posted soon. warning….you may want to eat your screen…heehee

editorial photographer miami photography studio

the chocolate covered strawberries are my fave and they were to die for…

event photography miami baby shower

baby shower photography events

fabulous females • portrait photography miami

when it came time to design my new website and this blog, I was scrambling to find a decent photo of myself to post on the sites. “this is ridiculous! I’m a photographer for God’s sake, I should have a decent photo of me somewhere”. well, i didn’t and so i realized that though i’ve taken thousands of photos for my clients and family and friends, i had rarely stepped in front of the camera. so, when i visited my good friend (and great photographer) Aris Wells in North Carolina, we decided to photograph each other. it was such a life-affirming experience for me, giving myself that importance. i hear from most moms that their family albums look like their kids don’t have a mother because they’re rarely in any of the pictures, they’re always the ones snapping away and even more the kids photos are always more important.

well ladies, it’s time to change that!!

forget about not weighing what you weighed in high-school, forget about the extra years of life experience under your belt, forget about Angelina/Halle/Heidi or whoever your standard of “beauty” is and I challenge you to feel amazing, to feel beautiful, to feel alive, to feel like YOU.

this session was just that. Chris called me to do a shoot of herself and it was fabulous. we did lots of fun and flirty shots that i’m so excited about.

I gave this post a little extra love to inspire you all to do the same, “put your records on” and do this for yourselves. Chris you are a beautiful soul…

headshot photos miami photographer portrait

portrait headshot photography miami

portrait photography miami

portrait photography studio ♥ vlm studios

random stuff i like • photography fine art editorial

i love photographing flowers. there’s something so beautifully alive about them, you just know there’s another world beyond the one we feel with our senses. i came across this water lily in the unlikeliest of places while doing a photo session for a gorgeous lady (I’ll be posting those next week). i was able to snap two shots of it before continuing the shoot and i’m so glad i did.

fine art photography

fine art photography vlm studios