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smiley mama • pregnancy photos miami

smiling, in my opinion, is one of the most positive things you can do to sprinkle some happiness in your life. in fact, smiling has such a positive vibration that it’s contagious…seriously, have you ever found yourself smiling just because you see someone smiling? well, that was the case with Tina; she just lights up and spreads the joy of smiling. I tried to get some non-smiling shots; you know, the longing, pensive looks to add a little drama to some images and she just couldn’t do it! she’s a smiler and we’re all the better for it. surely baby Skylar will be just as sweet and happy as mommy, big brother Tyler and daddy Billy.

miami pregnancy pictures

Tina is doing pregnancy yoga which you can tell is doing wonders because she even hopscotched at the beach! namaste…. : D

maternity photography miami

maternity photos miami

photographer maternity miami

image of the week • children photography miami

this is miss ashley whom I’ve been photographing since she was in her mommy’s belly. she’s such a ham. i had completely forgotten to post from her session which was so windy and cold that my eyes kept tearing up from the wind. here’s a favorite sequence from her family shoot. btw…she’s going to be a big sister this year! Congrats Clara + Chris!

miami children photos

miami children photos vlm studios

image of the week • pet dog photography miami

this apparent angel is Portia, a quick, smart and sweet big sister to a two month old baby girl. portia is an adorable mix of beagle and basset hound that is just too smart for her own good (as mommy puts it). here she’s lounging on the chair officially bestowed on her as she had rendered it her property.

dog pet photography miami


pet photography • vlm studios

miami winter style • baby photography miami

this session was done on one of the cold days we had last week and Mom got the cutest hats for these gorgeous twins Monica and Mario (he was the star of the caption contest). they’re so different and both so sweet. I love taking photos of twins because even as twins the differences in their personalities are so evident it’s amazing. hi Laura…look at your sweeties… : D

miami baby photography commercial

commercial baby photography


shining jewel • pregnancy photography miami

there’s a particular glow to pregnant women that just amazes me every time and Jewel’s session, befitting her name, was no exception. the ladies in America’s Next Top Model have nothing on her!! lol… she did her thing like a pro and realized how modeling is much harder than it looks on tv. it got a little chilly by the end of the session but in total supermodel mode she toughed it out and WOW…go Jewel!

pregnancy photography session miami

Look at her work it!!!

Miami maternity photographer editorial

I just love this shot. I set up Jewel exactly where I could get the effect I wanted and then I saw the bird enter the frame right where I needed it and voila…there it was. this is what Henri Cartier-Bresson (one of my favorite photographers) called the “decisive moment”, I could not have planned it better.

Miami photographer editorial pregnancy

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