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Goodness, time flies… • beach photographer miami

It’s so redundant to say how time flies, I mean we’re down to a little over a month before 2013! Yet, it’s so much more palpable for me as I watch all the babies I have photographed since they were born now turning 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…calling me by my name (which always melts my heart into a puddle), doing sports, Communions, dancing, losing teeth, getting braces….*sigh*. I’m so blessed and so grateful to get to do what I do. I’ve seen Melina and Kalia grow from the beginning and get so excited to see them every year and plan their shoot with their awesome Mom. This time around Kalia (the little one) was really friendly and calling me by name – yes I died from cuteness overload. :) Love this family so much and the beautiful slice of time we get to spend every year talking, laughing and taking a few pictures in between. Here’s a highlight of their shoot, great outfits right? Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

P.S. The oldest (Melina) is on the header of this blog – big cheeks, big curls, looking through the gate with umbrella in hand…

Just another fun day • Family photographer in Miami

When you have a family of six (with four kids) it’s quite a task to get everyone excited about doing family photos. So we decided to have it be like any other day of fun in the backyard…and what fun this was. Swings, trampoline, dancing, shooting the basketball and finally some family shots on the boat. Love the happiness in the swing shots. They were flying really high which brought back many childhood memories of doing the same. This first one is a favorite. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Sugar & Spice • children photography miami

It was 2008 the first time I photographed this fun family. At the time, big sister Naomi had the family all to herself. We made a nice coffee-table book of that session through which little sister Sloan has flipped many times prompting her to ask where was her book. So, to even things out, here’s Sloan’s session – it’s going to be a beautiful book! This sweet and spicy ballerina experienced the full range of emotions in this shoot. My favorite is the one of her getting some consoling love from Daddy after she fell and scraped her knee. And of course, I love the family one too, just beautiful. Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa

Honey! • Family portrait photography miami

After numerous reschedules, I finally got to shoot the Brandon family a couple of weeks back. It was a very hot humid day that was just right in every other way. My favorite thing was hearing Lauren call her Dad “Honey”! I’m guessing it’s from hearing her Mom call him that. It was so funny and sweet.  She’s totally Daddy’s girl as you can see in the last couple of shots. Yet, it was even better getting her with her Mom and grandma in a generation portrait. So memorable. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Tomas & Family • Family Children photographer Miami

You’ve seen Tomas and his whole family on the blog a few times…click here and here if you haven’t and are curious. Now, he’s is all grown up and ridiculously adorable! He was not in the mood for pictures, or pausing, or anything other than eating and playing – as expected. Needless to say, it was very stressful for Mommy who I’m sure will be really happy to see the outcome of this shoot. It’s her birthday this coming Monday…Happy Birthday!!! See you Monday…Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa