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notre dame • fine art photography miami

One of my favorite cities in the world is Paris. It has such a relaxed, artistic, bohemian energy, with its little streets, bakeries emanating the sweet smells of freshly baked baguettes and croissants, their amazingly fresh culinary creations, the cafes, the art, the history…it’s just magical. I’ve been hearing and seeing so much about Paris lately, through friends either going on vacation or living there (like my fabulous photographer friend Sarah Gardan) that it made me nostalgic for it. So, I was going through some of my Paris photos and thought I’d share one of my favorites. It was my first foray into digital photography (using my brother’s Canon 20D) and I ended up shooting over 1,200 images. I have probably 30 different angles on Notre Dame cathedral alone, but I love the simplicity of this one. Can’t wait to go back to Paris, visit my friend, roam around the little streets, snapping away…I wonder how differently I would see the city the second time around and how differently I would document it. See you soon Paris…♥

notre dame cathedral © VLM Studios

A Rose is a Rose • Photographer fine art stock

I’ve been working on a website and branding design project that uses the rose as a symbol of love, beauty, humanity, and tenderness. So, there have been some late night rose photo shoots here in the studio, picking just the right rose with the perfect petals and leaves, and at the perfect bloom. This one was a particularly beautiful one…I loved how intricate, intimate, delicate and perfectly entwined her petals are. It was just as magical accepting her invitation to witness her beauty when she opened up in full bloom…absolutely divine. It may be that a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, as Gertrude Stein said, yet each one had its own sweetness and beauty.

Rose photography fine art miami photographer