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image of the week • children kids photography miami

This little guy is big brother to Angelina who was last week’s Image of the Week. They look so alike don’t they? I’ve also been photographing Danny since he was in Mommy’s belly and he’s now almost two years old! He is as adorable as ever. Images like this one are what makes me love photographing children…the sweet, disheveled, innocent, simple and joyfully divine chaos of it all. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

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Image of the Week • Baby Photography Miami

She smiled. She laughed. She cried. She drank. She drooled. But one of my favorite shots from Angelina’s second session was this very tender look she gave me when I got so close to her face that she just had to look as if to say “hey lady, back up a little”. If she could have talked, I would have loved to hear her thoughts at this moment. I could tell she was curious about seeing her reflection in the lens yet hesitant about how close I’d gotten. I just couldn’t help myself…could you? ♥

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Image of the week • baby photography miami

Good heavens. This shot of Carolina in quickly becoming one of my favorites of the year. Her skin is the always-right “baby cream”, her pudgy feet and legs are perfectly pinchable and her eyes are saying everything that needs to be said. I know I know, pinchable is not a word, but just look at her! Don’t you just want to squeeze her to pieces?!? There are many more great shots from this session that I’m reserving for Mommy and Daddy. See you soon guys! ♥ Vanessa

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Image of the week • Baby Children photography miami

This little guy had the funniest, most contagious laugh I’ve heard in a long time; I had a hard time keeping the camera straight when he laughed. I absolutely LOVE the laughter of children, it’s so honest, innocent and real. This was Benjamin’s third session from his Chichi Baby Collection, his previous session we did at home, so Mom wanted to do this one in the studio – mostly to escape the heat (phew). The bond between Mommy and Benjamin is so palpable, it was exactly that connection that generated the laughter and the giggles. When I saw this image I immediately thought of one of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson, so I wanted to share them both. Nancy, you’re an amazing Mom and it truly shows. See you soon… ♥ Vanessa

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image of the week • Quince photography miami

This sweet beautiful young lady has two very cool cousins who came up with the fantastic idea of doing her Quince photo session while she was in town visiting family. Of course I thought it was a great idea also. Angelica’s quince session had all the makings of a model shoot, the hair, the make up and the style. We did a studio session and a beach session which came out gorgeous also. Here’s a sneak peak…enjoy!

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