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image of the week • miami pregnancy photos

This singular lady is Sonia, one of the most calm, relaxed, and easy-going women I’ve ever met. She’s also a rare breed because, unlike most of the moms-to-be I photograph, she wanted to document her belly at it’s maximum glory! So, she called me a week before she was scheduled to give birth to do her baby bump pics; and, due to multiple rained-out reschedules, we did her session in the studio just TWO days before she gave birth! Mind you, I said she’s calm and relaxed and easy-going, why? Because, after having driven down from Hallandale Beach with family in tow, she nonchalantly broke the news that she had forgotten all her outfits at home (which she had shopped for hours to find) and was completely unstressed about it. What?!!? Well, improv time… Here’s one of my favorite frames from her session. Look at this beauty!! Just absolutely gorgeous Sonia!!! ♥

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image of the week • newborn baby photos miami

Sweet angelic Daniela was less than a week old when I did her session. Mommy and Daddy live in Miami Beach, and they have a room where two of the four walls are glass so the light is perfect for photos. She slept through most of the photo shoot, but once she got hungry it was all over. She knew something was up with all the fiddling around. But, I already had the main shots in the bag; this one being one of them. Isn’t her hair amazing?

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This image was taken in one of the last cool days of “Spring” we had about three weeks ago. We started the session earlier than usual to make sure we didn’t get too close to bed time and in turn got grumpy children. So, this was at around 2 pm, which as you can tell, is very very bright but still so nice. Yesterday, well, that was another story. It was 91° at 2 pm and it’s just May!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I looooove sunlight, actually (much like Superman), I NEED sunlight. But, I don’t do too well in full sun for very long. Why? Well, two reasons. First, I do not tan, I burn. My skin quietly sizzles into a crisp and a tomato-red second-degree-burn look appears 5 hours later stinging like if you’re dragging sandpaper on my skin. But more importantly, reason number two….I do not perspire…I sweat. I wish I could be one of those fabulous women that can sit outside under a tree for hours and not have a bead of sweat on her face. Me…in ten minutes flat I’ll be drenched like the nervous pilot in the movie Airplane. Not very attractive.

So, as I was melting in the 91° heat yesterday while doing a newborn photo session outdoors (inside the house was too dark), I could not help but think of this image. The sheer joy of getting wet, with your clothes still on, on a hot summer day. The happiness on his face is the perfect expression of the unadulterated joy that comes from this awesome treat. Mom was sooooo cool….

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Stay tuned for this summer’s SUMMER LOVIN’ sessions which will be all about capturing the joy of summer….barbecues, pic-nics, playing with the hose in the yard, bathing the dog, playing in the pool, riding your bikes, roller-skating, you name it….anything that says “summer” to your family. Yes, I’ll be in the sun, drenched in sweat, but loving every minute of it.

Happy Summer!!!

♥ Vanessa

image of the week • baby newborn photos miami florida

Everyone…say hello to baby Shiloh! She was almost a month when she came into the studio with mommy and daddy, which is a bit passed the time that I usually like do newborn sessions at, but she nonetheless gave me many beautiful pics. She has been blessed with full lips and an even fuller personality : ) She checked everything out, lifting her head, looking around, making sure there was no funny business and, when we weren’t looking, she DID her business…twice…on Dad!!! lol… Jewel and Leshan you did it right…she’s absolutely divine! ♥

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image of the week • pregnancy maternity photography miami

This lovely lady is Arlene. For her anniversary, she received the beautiful gift of photography from her sweet, very smart, hubby. Baby Agatha is due in about a month, so tic toc…time is a tickin’! During her maternity session I came to find out that Arlene is apparently notorious for becoming really serious in photos, but in this shot her “baby daddy” was right outside the frame and look at that smile! She just lit up! Just beautiful….

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