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image of the week • newborn baby photography miami

this little newborn angel is Emilia. she was just 7 days old and absolutely perfect in her debut photo session. she slept like a log in this shot, but later, after a good feeding, she got the funniest and loudest case of the hiccups I’d ever heard on a baby. she teased us many times with long pauses, but just when we thought she was done, the loudest hiccup would come out! so cute… Andrea and Andrew look at what you made! She’s precious and just about right. See you soon! ♥

newborn baby photography miami

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image of the week • baby photography studio miami

this rollie pollie polk-a-dot sensation is Ava. she’s on a mission to challenge the Michelin man to a “roll-off”. I don’t know about you but she’d beat him on rolls and totally pommel him on cuteness! she was very interested in the green stuff covering the ground at the park; tasting it more than once and mortifying mommy in the process. who can blame her, who wouldn’t want to know what green tastes like! here’s one of my favorite frames from her shoot…enjoy : D

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image of the week • baby photography studio miami

this is baby Devin who mommy brought into the studio to be photographed for her 3 months of life. this carries a special meaning because this little angel almost didn’t make it. but true to her name, there were divine plans for her, so we are all the more blessed for having this precious cherub with us.

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image of the week • baby child photography miami

Dear Sofia, i loved seeing you, mommy, daddy and ryan on saturday. I know you were not excited about it, but one day you will look back at your photos and be really happy that mommy put you through the horrible agony of a photo session at the beach. she’ll tell you the story of how you cried whenever your feet touched the sand and how you just could not eat without feeling your mommy’s teeth with your little finger. thank you for the three smiles you gave me and the forehead to forehead farewell that melted me into a puddle.

♥ vanessa

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image of the week • children photography miami

this is miss ashley whom I’ve been photographing since she was in her mommy’s belly. she’s such a ham. i had completely forgotten to post from her session which was so windy and cold that my eyes kept tearing up from the wind. here’s a favorite sequence from her family shoot. btw…she’s going to be a big sister this year! Congrats Clara + Chris!

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