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image of the week • baby photography miami

this delicious pink angel is Zoe, which means “life” in Greek. that’s funny because Mom joshed that maybe Zoe’s narcoleptic because she sleeps all the time as she did practically the entire photo shoot! she’s quite the model right out of the gate though, I mean, she has the most stylish hair color and chic hairstyle that you wouldn’t believe! and her lips! no botox for her…lol Hi Lee, the rest of the pics will be ready soon, enjoy! : D

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miami baby photography


image of the week • miami photographer baby

Peekaboo is a standard in almost every baby session and this was the best peek-a-boo ever!! Camille was styling a very bohemian scarf that mommy brought for her fashionable session which matched my pink umbrella perfectly. these two shots were sooooooo sweet, especially the one with the two teeth peeking out (pun intended…lol). Hi Shannon, I told you the scarf was fantastic…love it!!! : D

miami baby photography

image of the week • newborn baby photography miami

this is baby Faye who, at less than a week old, was the most awake baby I’ve ever seen! not only did she not sleep once, she was wide-eyed and completely aware of everything around her. I tried every weapon in my arsenal to get her to fall asleep, but this was a losing battle. this little soldier won fair and square, so I trucked on with the shoot and she gave me some amazing images. this is just too angelic and yummy (look at those toes!)

newborn baby photography miami

image of the week • newborn baby photography miami

this little monkey is Ethan who has the cutest green and brown room full of….ummhhh….monkeys! I’m sure there will be plenty of monkey business in his room…and lots of mokeying around with his buddies….and possibly some jabbering like a monkey on a tree….oh don’t you worry, I can keep going, it’s just too cute! Jessica and Ricardo, congratulations on your little miracle, he’s precious! enjoy… : D

miami newborn baby photographer

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image of the week • miami photography studio

the thing with hats is that they don’t look good on everyone, but sweet Sophia just looks mahvelous darling…just mahvelous! she battled through this photo session, but the photos I got are scrumptious. I’m jealous of how stylish she looks…I have a big head so I can’t wear too many hats, but you know what they say…big head, big brain…ha!

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