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image of the week • miami photographer seniors

this sweetly beautiful high-school senior (who is also an artist in her own right) was an anomaly in that she gave me amazing images from the first shots of her session. usually the first 5 or 10 minutes of a session –where the subject is over the age of eight– are useless since everyone gets nervous and needs to “warm-up”. not the case with Cathy who was fantastic right out of the gate. we did some shots with her camera and other very stylish cool pics that I’m still processing but will post after the holidays. Her eyes look unbelievable in this shot…

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image of the week • miami baby photographer

this little ball of cheese is Carlitos, otherwise known as “Caquito” which is what big sister Sophia believes sounds like his name. He was so great in his session, laughing on cue, staying put wherever the crazy lady with the big black box hanging on her neck put him. This was one of my favorites, and the only shot I got of him laying on a beautiful blanket of wild leaves/grass/not sure what they’re called. I’m glad mom was game for putting him there because I just love this shot.

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image of the week

ideally every photographer loves bright sunny days for photos, but one can’t always have it all, specially with our wonderfully unpredictable Miami weather. this day was absolutely gorgeous until 15 minutes after we started the session, yet the light was still beautifully creamy lending itself to very dramatic images, which are always a welcomed artistic change. the clouds and the sun met perfectly creating all the drama needed for this glowing expectant mom. Jessica your look amazing! I can’t wait to meet baby!

image of the week | miami baby photographer

This happy, smiley baby is Alexa Grace; so sweet Mom had no problem bringing out smiles for the session. Her older sister Sophia is a little more serious and rarely smiled in her sessions yet, If their personalities weren’t so different, I would have sworn that Alexa is her sister’s clone because she looks exactly like Sophia did at this age. Alexa was really easy-going until Mommy tried to get shots in her Baptism dress and all pleasantries went out the window. Isn’t she scrumptious?

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