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happy “thanks”giving

one of the first things we are taught as children is to say “please” and “thank you”. once grown we learn that the word “thanks” itself holds only the meaning we assign to it by our intonation and use. we learn that it can be used sarcastically, or used to request things, or it can even be used to cause guilt. yet, on this one day of the year, our country withholds those definitions to celebrate the simpler and deeper meaning of “thanks”.

so on this wonderfully american Thanksgiving holiday, i wish for you to experience TONS to be thankful for; and thank you for allowing me to participate in your lives, for inviting me to document your history, and for welcoming me so warmly into your families; for that and much more, i am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

Central Park - NYC

I shot this last year at dusk in Central Park in New York. I was freezing and there were people jogging wearing nothing but shorts!

Fearless Love – | miami editorial photographer

I’ve been photographing the beautiful Boozer family for a couple of years now and was thrilled beyond words to know that Carmani, their oldest son, was cured of sickle cell anemia. The Boozer’s have started an organization called Boozer’s Buddies to raise awareness and funds to help kids and families suffering from this disease. did a feature on their story and asked me to contribute some images to go along with the story. To read the full story go to

If you want to find out more about the Boozer’s Buddies Foundation or to contribute to the cause, you can visit their website at

vlm studios | miami photographer

7 Years and counting…

Today marks the 7th anniversary of VLM Studios opening it’s doors! Well, it was more like opening THE door. At the time I was working from a bedroom in my house with a very small dream of making enough to not have to work for anyone else. I had quit a very cushy job as an in-house designer at Johnson & Johnson to go for the dream that I had had since childhood…owning my own business; and I did this the Monday after the September 11th catastrophe happened… NUTS!

So, armed with a dream, a brand new G4 Apple Macintosh computer and the goal of creating a company that would merge the two worlds I loved…design and photography, VLM Studios was born.

As most of you know, VLM Studios is now (if I may toot my own horn) in a gorgeous 2500 sq.ft. studio, finally completing the dream of merging the worlds of design and photography.

We are very proud to have reached this major milestone and want to share our joy with you all. So……………anyone who posts a comment on this topic TODAY will receive a $50 Gift Card good towards anything we offer.

The Waiting

For the last 5 years I’ve participated with 8 other local photographers in an exhibition whose main objective is to shed some light on the issue of children in the foster care system in our community. Each photographer creates a portrait of a child currently available for adoption through local foster care agencies. The main issue is that most of these children are past the customary “ideal” age for adoption, a lot of them teenagers close to graduating which decreases their chances for adoption even more. The exhibition is called “The Waiting” because in essence most of them are awaiting for the blessing of belonging to a family. As a result of this exhibition there have been many adoptions and I hope to continue to help shed some light on this very real issue in our community.

I got to photograph three lovely, sweet, beautiful and smart girls in the studio yesterday. The two sisters could not be more opposite, one outgoing and outspoken, while the other shy and quiet. The oldest girl, Susana, I’ve photographed twice now. She spoke with me about her 12+ years in foster care in over 20 homes and expressed how poetry is her emotional outlet. She shared one of her first poems with me which I included as a background in her photograph.

The Waiting exhibition will be on display in November at the Miami Children’s Museum. I will post the details when the specifics are available and invite you all to attend.

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