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Self Portrait • miami photographer

I’ve been making lots of new cyber friends on Twitter land, mostly women photographers who I’ve either met through a workshop or just met through Twitter. We relate to each other through the mutual love for photography and the shared highs and lows of life. So, among the many photographers I follow on twitter, two amazing ladies (Dana Pugh in Canada and Tara Whitney in California) threw out a challenge for all of us to do a self portrait. I hadn’t really tried this before. I’ve generally not been the kind that likes the camera pointed in my direction. In fact, I’ve been protecting myself behind the camera for years! Yet, the last year has been one of fantastical self discovery; so, after looking inside myself for the last few months, I’ve been curious about actually seeing myself. So, I decided I was going to take this challenge head on and point the camera at me, to see me, as un-retouched as possible (of course I did a little photoshop) but leaving the much earned lines on my face that represent the journey so far and will eventually show the deeper journey of life. Here’s the result….♥





Fotomission’s The Waiting 2009 (part 2) • miami photography editorial

A few weeks back I posted about The Waiting 2009, a photography exhibition of kids in the foster care system hoping to be adopted (click here to read that post). I had yet to photograph two more kids and mentioned I would post those once ready. I got to photograph Maurice and Susana in the studio. Maurice wants to be an Architect and Susana, who is about to start her Senior year, wants to be a Nurse. This is the third time I photograph Susana who is just blossoming beautifully. They were both very sweet, quiet and courteous.

The exhibition will be sometime in November. I will announce that date and time soon. Thanks.

miami photographer editorial

miami photographer editorial photos

Fotomission’s the waiting 2009 • miami portrait photographer

Fotomission’s The Waiting 2009 is under way. It is a yearly photography exhibition of children awaiting adoption. Most of these cases are of local children long forgotten in the foster care system who are still hoping to be adopted but whose age makes them the least likely candidates for most families. On its 6th year, The Waiting continues to strive to bring light to this issue and once again I’m honored to be a part of this very real issue in our South Florida community.

I photographed these brothers last Friday in the studio. I wanted very moody intimate portraits of them that would show their sweetness and a little bit of their personalities. Denzel (12) and Deion (14) were just like any other pair of brothers you could come across. They played and laughed, a lot, and followed directions perfectly. I could not have asked for more. I will be photographing two more kids in the next couple of weeks and will post those soon.

This is Denzel…

Denzel • The Waiting Miami portrait photographer

This is Deion…

Deion for The Waiting Miami portrait photographer

If you’re interested in finding out more information about this exhibition, please visit and for more information on adopting local children currently in our foster care system, please visit Kids Hope United.

Thank you all. I’ll keep you posted for the opening.

♥ Vanessa

in awe at magnificence • miami photography studio

That’s how I feel every time I see the incredible sunsets we are so fortunate to have here in Miami. It’s like God suddenly felt like painting in the sky and wanted to show off all the sumptuous colors He created. The combination of vivid and subtle hues so exquisitely blended that you can’t help but stare in awe at the beauty and feel humbled by its magnificence. This frame was taken right after I got back to the studio from a beach shoot. The location of my studio is far enough west where I get to see the most spectacular sunsets, clear to the horizon and, on such days, I feel just a little closer to God and I say thanks…that was breathtaking. ♥

beautiful miami sky

random stuff i like • photography fine art editorial

i love photographing flowers. there’s something so beautifully alive about them, you just know there’s another world beyond the one we feel with our senses. i came across this water lily in the unlikeliest of places while doing a photo session for a gorgeous lady (I’ll be posting those next week). i was able to snap two shots of it before continuing the shoot and i’m so glad i did.

fine art photography

fine art photography vlm studios