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Finally Valeria • Photographer Quinces Miami

Since meeting Valeria when she was only thirteen, we’ve been talking about doing a photo session for her. She went through braces, growth spurts and finally her fifteens arrived. We finalized the outfits the day before the shoot and planned a straight forward classic shoot. Her fabulous aunt, who is gifting her the session, helped her style the shoot, great job right?! Everything flowed beautifully including the gorgeous day. They’re waiting anxiously for her photos so I’ll get to it. Great job Valeria, you’re stunning!  Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa


Smiles Galore! • Quince Photographer Miami

It is nearly impossible for Alexa not to smile. And I don’t mean just just smile, but SMILE! A big, bright, light-up-a-room kind of smile. That’s why I love the last photo on this post. It was near the end of the shoot so she was a little tired, and it is just then where you can see her big dark eyes – soulful and sweet. It was a great shoot; hot, muggy and buggy, but spectacular. Beautiful job Lexi, Mr. Bieber would be nuts to pass you up! ;) Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa

Tabitha • Modern Quince Photographer Miami

With the biggest entourage of any photo session I’ve done, Tabitha’s Quince shoot went off without a hitch! We did three locations and had enough heat to last a lifetime – it was SO hot! The whole group came all the way from Key West for this special occasion. Thankfully the weather didn’t disappoint and neither did the model! Here’s a snippet of her shoot. See you Friday Tabitha and Olivia! Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Broadway Quince • Photographer Quinces Miami

It has been three days of torture trying to decide which images to post of Elexa’s two gorgeous Quince sessions. One was all Broadway and high glamour in the studio while the other was a completely original location – the Morikami Japanese Gardens – and the beach. Both Mom and daughter were totally into the shoots which always makes for an incredibly fun time. By the time we wrapped up it felt like I had known them forever, it was that much fun and comfortable, and most of all unforgettable. You’re a beautiful soul Elexa, always stay true and you will go very far. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Power Princess • Dream Quince Photos Miami

Smart, funny and original…that’s Caitlin. Hers was a fantastic Dream Quince session in every way, although it was actually 16! When planning her shoot, we spoke about her favorite video games – which have powerful kick-butt princess characters – not exactly the typical princess image little girls are obsessed with lately. This was totally up my alley! Loved her last outfit – strong, fun, and an absolute conversation starter. After such a long and fun shoot, we hung out a little longer chatting about life over delicious tapas. What a treat knowing this sweet girl and her Mom. Lovely people. Here’s a slice of the shoot. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa