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Smiles Galore! • Quince Photographer Miami

It is nearly impossible for Alexa not to smile. And I don’t mean just just smile, but SMILE! A big, bright, light-up-a-room kind of smile. That’s why I love the last photo on this post. It was near the end of the shoot so she was a little tired, and it is just then where you can see her big dark eyes – soulful and sweet. It was a great shoot; hot, muggy and buggy, but spectacular. Beautiful job Lexi, Mr. Bieber would be nuts to pass you up! ;) Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa

Broadway Quince • Photographer Quinces Miami

It has been three days of torture trying to decide which images to post of Elexa’s two gorgeous Quince sessions. One was all Broadway and high glamour in the studio while the other was a completely original location – the Morikami Japanese Gardens – and the beach. Both Mom and daughter were totally into the shoots which always makes for an incredibly fun time. By the time we wrapped up it felt like I had known them forever, it was that much fun and comfortable, and most of all unforgettable. You’re a beautiful soul Elexa, always stay true and you will go very far. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Oh Carolina • Premier Quince Photographer Miami

Trying to make a short and sweet blog post out of Carolina’s 600 images was so much tougher than I thought it would be. Usually I can select them very quickly, but in this case there were so many great ones it was like a kid in a candy store being told to pick just one or 5 in this case. We ended up doing two sessions due to windy weather – twice in Vizcaya – and the second time around was absolutely picture perfect. We ended at the beach with some hippie chic shots that are some of my favorites. Soooo…here’s a long post of this stunning girl, truly beautiful inside and out. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Stephanie • Quince Photographer Miami

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!! After a very restful week off, we’re hitting the ground running for 2012 beginning with lots of blog posts. I’ll be posting sessions every day until I catch up with posts, so stay tuned for all the fun final sessions of 2011. Here. We. Go!

This Quinceañera did a studio session and a 3-location session which yielded nearly 500 shots! She is contagiously fun and relaxed which served the long shoot perfectly, specially when she could barely walk in those mammoth heels on the railroad track. :) Here are some highlights of fabulous Stephanie. Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa

Emily’s Quince • Miami Fifteens Quince Photos


We had planned two location shoots for Emily’s Quince portraits, but the heat and incessant rain during June and July threw a monkey wrench in our plans. Fortunately, we were able to battle through the heat in her first shoot to come up with some gorgeous images. I was in LOVE with the blue/teal dress…it’s one of my favorite colors – as you can see by the colors on my website . Emily has amazingly piercing and revealing eyes that speak volumes without her saying a word. It was fantastic seeing them through the camera. Here’s a highlight of both shoots. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa