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Victoria • Miami Portrait Photographer

This fabulous redhead is Victoria, the second winner of our 10th Anniversary Free Session giveaway which took place in October. Yes, a FREE session! Join us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any more of the happenings at VLM Studios. Victoria certainly didn’t! She looks a bit like Adele don’t you think? The red hair with her skin tone was so lovely to photograph. Here are some highlights of that shoot. Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa


University Graduate • Graduation photographer Miami

This beautiful young woman proudly graduated from the University of Miami the day after our photo shoot. It was extremely windy yet we had no choice than to proceed because she was moving back home to Texas the next day. You can’t even tell right? Mom and Dad were in town for the special occasion so we got some shots with them at the beach and then went to the UM campus to wrap up the shoot. Here are some highlights. Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa


There You Are Tina! • Miami photographer portraits

Back in October VLM Studios was celebrating its 10th year anniversary and, as part of the month-long celebration, we gave away three studio sessions on our Facebook page. Evidently, if you’re not a fan yet, you’re missing out! Click here to “Like” our page.

Tina is one of the free-session recipients. We spoke a couple of times about clothing and how nervous she was about being photographed. I assured her it would be fun and that I would capture her beauty. She scoffed at the mention of her beauty even while I was photographing her. It took some warming up, loud music and lots of laughter to get the real Tina to come out…but she eventually did and that’s when I said…”THERE’s Tina”!!! I knew YOU were in there still Tina, don’t forget YOU. You’re gorgeous inside and out! Enjoy!  ♥ Vanessa


Fabulous Friend • Portrait Photographer Miami

It was 1985 when I first met Sandra. We were in Junior High School together (or middle school as it is called now). Having just arrived from Panama, I barely spoke English but that was no deterrent for Sandra who was, and still is, the type that helps those in need and is open to new friends and experiences. We became friends almost instantly. Ten years ago (almost to the day), I quit my corporate job and embarked on the quest of getting back in touch with the artist inside me, which had laid dormant for many years. Sandra and I took up the task of reconnecting with our ‘inner artists’ by going through the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. At the time, I was only looking to reignite that spark, that passion, that had always been inside me, never imagining that I’d become a full-time artist. She was there when I took my first steps back to a life of beauty and art, clicking the shutter hesitantly in Miami Beach. I am now thrilled beyond words to be documenting her life ten years later as she embarks on another wonderful stage of life…the forties ;) …and motherhood. Can’t wait to photograph her and her sweet hubby…and of course baby when he arrives. In the meantime… Enjoy! ♥ Vanessa

Winning Headshots • Miami Photographer headshots executive

Many of you have been thinking about it for a long time…it’s time to differentiate yourself and step out from the crowd. The right image will do just that and much more. Bert is a realtor that knows the importance of the winning headshot, as you can see. We did two looks, a studio semi-formal and a location semi-casual look, both confident and inviting. He will certainly be making an impact with these. Enjoy! Vanessa