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that’s what big brother Jonah said to Dad when asked to explain the complex connection between two characters in Star Wars…”it’s complicated” (said Jonah frustratingly). which is sooo true! It cracked me up because I’m a big huge Star Wars fan so I could totally relate. I was ridiculously excited to see that a new generation of Star Wars fans is springing up…..mmhh….I think I just spilled the beans…..yes….I’m a Star Wars geek!….that’s right….I said it…..So, I say this to Jonah, keep going, be proud, swim in that magical world of spaceships, light sabers, and the ever present “force” which connects you to your adorable baby brother and your beautiful family…….”may the force be with you”… lol

here are two young Jedi knights in the making….

children photography miami

family photo session miami photographer

Jonah was in a galaxy far far away…hehehe…seriously, he was fighting some creatures hiding in the trees…so he did not get in on the action; but how beautiful are they!?!?!

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Lauri - These are soooo cute….I’m DYING to see the rest…xoxoJanuary 24, 2009 – 10:47 pm

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