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You may notice that there are more black and white shots in this post than usual, which leads me to realize that I’m sort of leaning back towards black and white images again after an exciting love affair with color images. I love how BW images bring your attention straight to the expressions and the feel for the photo. By stripping the image completely of the distraction of color, you focus solely on the people, the expressions, and the spirit of the image. Don’t worry, I’m not going to shoot exclusively in BW now, but I will be shooting with BW in mind more than I had been. So, get ready for some awesomeness in the future.

Being that Father’s day is this coming Sunday, I thought I would start this post with two very sweet photos of Dad and his little ones. I love how relaxed they are. This was Zoe’s 4 month session and she brought along the whole family…such a treat. I’ve photographed big brother Aidan (and family) since he was 1 week old and look at him now! You can tell how much Zoe loves her brother. She mostly smiled when he played with her. I can’t wait until Zoe’s next session which will be at 8 months when she’s sitting up all on her own. Beautiful family don’t you think?

♥ Vanessa

Father son daughter photos miami portrait photography

family photos miami portrait photography

I love these two shots. He’s such a character…

brother sister photos miami portrait photography

So I couldn’t just post in BW so here’s a color shot that I loved.

Mom baby photos miami portrait photography

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