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I’ve noticed something very interesting lately while photographing babies and children: their clothing is so much cooler and stylish and comfortable than adult clothing. Am I wrong? Seriously, some of the coolest jeans I’ve seen have been on 3 year olds and Miss Zoe’s top in this session was so cute that I think I drove her Mom crazy because I probably mentioned it about 20 times. Zoe looked adorable in this and basically anything that she wore (including her Halloween costume), but I think it was expected since she was angelic in both her newborn and 4-month sessions as well. Can’t wait until she starts walking. ♥ Vanessa

baby photographer miami children photos

I love this one…it makes me laugh. So cute.

baby photographer miami children photos

baby photographer miami children photos

baby photographer miami children photos

baby photographer miami children photos

Aunt Janis - They don’t come any cuter than these two!December 3, 2009 – 7:01 pm

Chuck Shick - Legendary- Of coarse the kid looks great!December 3, 2009 – 9:17 pm

Cari - These are incredibly cute. I also love the shirt. Think it would fit Maya???December 3, 2009 – 9:19 pm

Ana Figueroa - These pictures are so, so, so, so beautiful! No words to describe! Wonderful! Congrats Lee and Adam you guys have amazing kids! Love them. AnaDecember 3, 2009 – 9:22 pm

Lee - Vanessa, I love the pictures. I don’t know how you do it!! Beautiful.December 3, 2009 – 9:33 pm

Matt - OMG so cute!December 3, 2009 – 10:43 pm

Andrea - These are fantastic! Love them :)December 4, 2009 – 4:17 am

Grammie - Wow! Vanessa is the best, even if she is working with some pretty cute material.December 4, 2009 – 8:34 am

Stephanie - Good thing you dressed her for this shoot and not Adam! Love the curls, she is a beaty!December 4, 2009 – 9:33 am

Grandaddy - Vanessa, you always bring out the best from these kids. Wonderful pictures as always.December 4, 2009 – 9:50 am

Auntie Jenny - ADORABLE!!!!!December 4, 2009 – 2:29 pm

annie - omigosh lee she looks just like you! She is sooo beautiful.December 4, 2009 – 3:25 pm

mary weirich - I am disappointed. Your usual good eye did not capture the delight that this child usually shines out to everyone around her. The photos, unlike the earlier onese do not engage.December 4, 2009 – 3:29 pm

Great Aunt Mary Ann - WOW!!!! These pictures are soooo adorable. I’m just speechless.December 4, 2009 – 6:29 pm

Vanessa - Hi Mary, there are many other great shots from this session which may be more appealing to you. Once Lee makes her selections I’ll make sure you’re able to see the whole session. Have a wonderful weekend!December 4, 2009 – 6:51 pm

Katie - Lee- these photos are gorgeous! I am going to pass them along to Kristin. She might want Vanessa taking Kallie’s photos!December 4, 2009 – 11:55 pm

Patti - Lee, the pictures are so cute, what beautiful children.December 5, 2009 – 11:20 am

Uncle Don - Zoe and Aidan are just about as cute as they come…and I know cute…just ask me about our new grandaughter Kallie Anne—Aidan and Zoe’s new cousin…wonderful pictures of beautiful children!

Uncle Don for all of us!December 5, 2009 – 12:32 pm

Doug Ernst - Great photos…very well done!December 5, 2009 – 3:02 pm

Christi Bales - WOW beautiful pictures love them i have a 15 month old son we need you here in arkansas to take some of him. Looks like they need to be in a magazine!December 7, 2009 – 8:46 pm

Evan - What beautiful pics Adam and Lee! I especially love Aidan’s pose with the crossed leg…what an older brother attitude!December 8, 2009 – 5:25 pm

rick weirich - Sweet. She does look very fashionable.December 8, 2009 – 10:04 pm

Melanie - These are just precious!!December 8, 2009 – 11:53 pm

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