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Great Idea Mom! • Family photography Miami

It was an absolute honor documenting this moment in time for this Mom and her two gorgeous, smart and confident daughters. I had photographed the girls over five years ago, including a Bat Mitzvah and graduation! Now one has already graduated college and moved to New York, the other is also away at college, and […]

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To the Max • Miami Lifestyle Children Photographer

At nearly two years old, Max was exactly what you’d expect him to be…perfectly delicious, sweet and non-stop! In constant motion from beginning to end I merely followed him around, up, under, and everywhere he went. He played to the camera twice when he saw me laying on the ground to get a better angle, […]

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Here you Go • Miami Family Portrait Photographer

The kids plopped down on the sidewalk for a quick snack, they dropped a drooled-on chip, they picked it up and generously offered it to me: “here you go”. LOL Of course I ate it! ;) Those two are soooo scrumptious, funny and smart. They totally killed me when they called me “Tia Vanessa” (aunt) in […]

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