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5 Guys & 2 Ladies • Family photographer miami

When baby Nicolas was born, big brother Gabriel said they were now ‘5 Guys’ and he was beyond ecstatic that it was yet another brother. I’ve photographed the boys since they were born and for the first time we have been able to do a complete family photo session…the 5 Guys and the 2 Ladies. […]

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Great Idea Mom! • Family photography Miami

It was an absolute honor documenting this moment in time for this Mom and her two gorgeous, smart and confident daughters. I had photographed the girls over five years ago, including a Bat Mitzvah and graduation! Now one has already graduated college and moved to New York, the other is also away at college, and […]

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Here you Go • Miami Family Portrait Photographer

The kids plopped down on the sidewalk for a quick snack, they dropped a drooled-on chip, they picked it up and generously offered it to me: “here you go”. LOL Of course I ate it! ;) Those two are soooo scrumptious, funny and smart. They totally killed me when they called me “Tia Vanessa” (aunt) in […]

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