The Artist


Vanessa M. Lam

I was around six or seven when I fell in love with photography. I woke up surprisingly early that fateful morning; it was surprising because, as anyone who knows me can attest, I’m not the early rising sort, not even at 6.
I walked out of my room in that state between awake and asleep, and saw my father avidly taking photos of the family cat in that beautiful early morning light. You know that kind of light, the one just barely coming in through the windows, the one that casts a magical spell on all the specs of dust floating aimlessly in the air. That’s when I fell in love with light and photography; the beauty of it, how it could change the mood and look of anything or anyone, how soft and powerful it was. That’s when my unsuspecting obsession began; as I now realize I set off taking pictures way before I ever owned a camera.

Today I own more cameras than I’d like to admit to, and still love painting with light. What’s more, I love telling stories through my images. I’m undeniably privileged to get to know your stories and in turn express them through photography.

You’re invited to experience the beauty of life
and light through Vanessa’s photography
as she creates beautiful pieces of art
that you will cherish for generations.

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